Many people think of training as getting everyone up to speed just before go live. But training, for your NetSuite Champions, starts on day one. We believe that training should be organic and that every time we’re doing something in the system with your staff, this is an opportunity to pass information over. If we can get your people hands-on during the system set-up, assisting entering information and designing forms and the like, the less need there is for formal training sessions just before go live.

A training schedule will be set up based on the implementation methodology that is chosen. A shared approach obviously means that by go live, you’ll have some very NetSuite-able people in your team, to the point where they might lead the training themselves.  A turn-key methodology will obviously mean intensive Liberate-led class-room training will need to take place.

Something we love is getting users involved during the 3 to 4 weeks of testing before Go Live. It’s a brilliant way to create buy-in and put people at ease with the new system. In every site that has done this, users have found small issues and suggested improved processes that the customer’s NetSuite Champion hadn’t thought of. There is nothing better during the change management process than someone feeling empowered by seeing the system altered because of their idea. And NetSuite is so flexible, process alternations can be made by Administrators literally on the fly.

Training manuals are another important resource. Our consultants always recommend that customers create a training manual to provide a go to resource for new users (plus it provides the basis of your process documentation). One of consultants got excited enough on how well user-written training manuals worked, he wrote a blog about them here.

NetSuite comes to the party as well. Backing up Liberate’s customer-specific training, NetSuite provides a plethora of generic training. From classroom virtual training courses, to online manuals and videos, plus anyone with a NetSuite log-in can post questions and contribute to discussion boards on NetSuite’s worldwide user group.