Liberate I.T.’s Support have been designed to reflect our customers differing approaches to developing and maintaining their NetSuite systems. Whether an organisation requires formal, structured care or ad hoc assistance every now and again, Liberate I.T. has people dedicated to NetSuite waiting to answer the call.

Three support options are available and once you’re live, we’ll let you decide what support methodology will work best. But whichever you choose, each support option is equal in response time as we believe every customer is equally deserving of assistance.

We also believe the support should be more than just fixing errors; support with Liberate I.T. also means having an advisor to listen and point you in the right direction, to assist when you just need a little bit of help remembering a correct procedure and to throw ideas back at you as you develop or enhance a process.

Liberate I.T. runs a formal Case Management system (on NetSuite of course!) for call logging which allows 24/7 access to closed and ongoing cases, plus email updates as the case progresses.