We won’t sell a solution unless it’s a correct fit. Liberate is built on this ethos, and the importance of this is underscored by one of Liberate’s Solution Consultants also being the General Manager. Getting it right from the beginning is a directive that is infused at every level of Liberate I.T..

Before a proposal is delivered, Liberate I.T.’s two Solution Consultants, Paul Beattie and Rebecca Paul will spend serious time, free of charge, understanding your current processes and future requirements. Liberate I.T. is built on delivering solutions…and to deliver we need to understand you.

While every journey is different, usually the solutioning process starts with Rebecca or Paul spending at least an hour and sometimes up to 4 hours running a Discovery session with you and your team, drilling into what your company does and what’s holding it back. At every step they are assessing if NetSuite is the right fit and when any gaps are identified they will discuss them through with you.

Following the discovery session, Steve or Ken, Liberate I.T. sales team who will be your day to day contacts, will be able to give you ‘ball-park’ estimates to licence and implement NetSuite. This ensures the numbers discussion starts early; no one likes surprises.

The next stage is an on-site Demonstration which starts with the philosophy behind NetSuite by spending an hour or so in a general overview of the system. They then drill down into the specific areas of the system that are relevant to your company, showing processes they have built out to reflect your own processes. The objective of this is not only to prove NetSuite has solutions to achieve your goals, but they also want to start conversations to discover where they haven’t quite understood your requirements. They’re still learning about you and if they have to come back to demonstrate revised processes, then that’s good, because it means before anyone signs a document, they understand your requirements deeply and can hand-over a vision and solution to the implementation consultants.

A note on demonstrations, both Rebecca and Paul get into trouble with the sales team for their demonstrations over-shooting the time estimates. But both argue it is vitally important that the prospective customer has a good understanding of NetSuite as this decision will influence the processes of the company for many years to come. So they demonstrate until the prospective customer has seen everything they need to see and understands to a fairly deep level the proposed solutions. A usual demonstration averages around 4 hours, but Paul has been known to top 9 hours.

Once the demonstrations are over the sales team will craft a deal with you, reflecting the solutions that have been shown and the type of implementation methodology which suits your company’s culture.

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