Field Service Management


Field Service Management (FSM) or Field Service Automation solutions provide end-to-end management of a company’s field service operations. That includes scheduling, dispatch, invoices, task & asset management, work orders and much more.
At FieldAware, our cloud-based, made for mobile field service management software includes everything a field service organization needs to generate more revenue, increase the productivity of field personnel and accelerate cash flow including:

Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Keep Field Teams on Track
    FieldAware’s Scheduling and Dispatch features are designed to keep technicians on track and on time. New jobs and job changes appear in the app as they happen. Technicians can use our mobile app even when there’s no wireless signal available. Data is stored locally until a wireless signal is available, at which point job data can be synched with the cloud and becomes available back at the office.
  • Locate Field Technicians and Assign Accordingly
    FieldAware’s Scheduling and Dispatch board enables dispatchers to instantly recognize when a technician has finished a job ahead of schedule and assign a new job – by proximity (including route distance mapping) or by matching projected job duration to an available open time slot.
  • Analyze Scheduling Performance
    Finally with FieldAware, dispatchers, managers and executives can quickly ascertain the productivity of individual engineers and technicians using either the Scheduler’s graphic interface (shows scheduled versus actual time) or viewing one of the comprehensive business reports that are standard with FieldAware.



  • Generate Invoices in the Field
    With FieldAware, engineers and technicians can electronically capture customer sign-off for completed work (tasks and quotes as well) and then instantly generate an invoice to the customer’s email address. Or FieldAware can export the invoice data to an accounting system like QuickBooks or NetSuite. Either way, FieldAware helps companies optimize their billing process and receive payments faster.
  • Report and Integrate
    FieldAware’s invoicing features can help your company accelerate cash flow by up to 300% and seamlessly integrate with almost any existing accounting system. Every invoice created in the field is saved in the web application and can be edited, exported, and emailed directly to your customers.
  • Invoice Templates
    FieldAware comes complete with customizable invoice templates. The templates include custom fields and logos that enable companies to tailor the templates to meet the unique needs of their businesses. Templates include drop-down boxes for customers and contacts and have auto-fill item and labor rates that are technician specific. Once the invoice is completed, you can easily generate a PDF format invoice for email or print delivery.

Work Order Management

Work orders are the lifeblood of every field service organization. From customer call to submitting the final invoice, it’s critical that work order information is accurate and distributed in a timely fashion to every member of the field and back office teams.

With FieldAware, companies can ensure that work orders contain the information that technicians need to complete work quickly and back office personnel require to bill customers accurately and efficiently. And because the process is smooth, fast and error-free, customers are happier, productivity is improved, and cash flow is accelerated.

To begin, back office personnel use our web-based app and drop down menus to quickly and easily create the work order. Dispatchers can then schedule the job (and the technician) from the work order itself, or assign them using the Scheduler’s drag-and-drop interface.

Once the work order is scheduled, FieldAware automatically alerts the technician of the new job via our mobile app that runs on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The technician can view:

  • Customer location
  • Customer contact(s)
  • Task and parts associated with the work
  • Customer equipment (asset)
  • Service history of that equipment (asset)
  • View photos or attachments (manuals, schematics) associated with the work

work-order-sample-turn-by-turn(1)The technician can also get turn-by-turn directions to the customer location, update services performed or parts used (and add them to the invoice) or generate a new quote or work order while at the customer location. Additionally, technicians can take photos of work performed and attach them to the work order as we well as edit and complete forms (PDF) for printing on location or at the office (useful for compliance with government regulations).
When work is complete, the technician can capture the customer’s signature as proof that the work is complete and submit the invoice to back office systems (like QuickBooks, NetSuite or any other ERP, Accounting or CRM system) or instantly send a copy of the invoice to the customer via email.
With FieldAware, companies can efficiently manage the work order process – protecting companies from the revenue impact of lost or incomplete work orders. FieldAware also ensures that customer billing cycles are reduced, accelerating cash flow and improving company DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Mobile Apps

Designed for iOS and Android FieldAware’s native mobile apps are the most powerful – yet easy to use – in the industry. Designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the iOS and Android operating systems, our mobile apps are also tuned to the unique processing and display capabilities of smartphones and tablets (we don’t believe in one size fits all!). Perhaps most importantly, you can use our mobile app even when there’s no wireless signal. Data is stored on the device until you have wireless access again, at which point, the field technician can easily sync back up with the cloud and the home office.

FieldAware’s mobile apps enable technicians to:

  • View any current, future or completed jobs with just a touch of the screen.
  • Review any customer related information they’ll need for the work to be performed – location (street address or latitude/longitude coordinates), contact(s), customer equipment/asset and the service history of that equipment/asset.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions to the customer location.
  • Check off the tasks and parts used in the work – and add any additional parts and/or services required to complete the job.
  • Update work orders using the voice recognition capabilities of the technician’s mobile device (Siri for Apple devices, S Voice for Samsung Android devices, etc.).
  • Take photos (for example: before and after images) that provide proof of services performed.
  • View or attach any type of document (manual, schematic, etc.) that is associated with the customer or the job.
  • Generate quotes or new work orders for add-on services while at the customer location.
  • Capture electronic signatures for work completed or to accept new quotes or work orders. And there’s even more inside.