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Professional services and field services management made easy with NetSuite

As the #1 vendor of cloud-based solutions for professional services organizations, NetSuite’s PSA and SRP software solutions drive high performance in professional services organizations.

NetSuite offers solutions and software for professional services organizations of all sizes and business needs—from 10 resources to 20,000. Because all NetSuite solutions are run in the cloud, your professional services firm gets support for the way your services teams work today—on the road, between meetings and on-the-fly—with online, offline and mobile access.


Key Features

Project Management, Resource Management, Project Costing, Timesheet and Expense Management, Project Delivery and Billing NetSuite SRP provides a comprehensive Professional Services Automaton solution. NetSuite SRP quickly generates tangible results while driving down bench time, increasing resource utilization, elevating on-time project delivery, improving invoicing accuracy, streamlining revenue recognition, reducing overhead, expediting billing cycles and increasing visibility into your services organization. NetSuite SRP’s Professional Services Automation functionality includes:

  • Resource management and forecasting for complete visibility into resource utilization.
  • Project costing, budgeting and profitability reporting for determining your true cost of doing business.
  • Sophisticated project accounting.
  • Powerful billing rules engine to support complex client billing.
  • Collaborative project management to proactively identify and resolve issues.
  • Simple and easy timesheet management, directly integrated with project management and billing.
  • Easy and flexible expense management to maximize accuracy and timelines.
  • Powerful, intuitive, configurable dashboards and key metrics reporting.

Key Benefits

Streamline operations and drive profitability by optimizing the entire services business lifecycle.
Faster project completion, better resource utilization, more accurate and efficient invoices.
Increase visibility across your business, including forecasts, resources, projects and KPIs.
Support the way your services teams work and enable productivity with anytime, anywhere web and mobile access.
Gain real-time, global business management and financial consolidation.
Improve time and expense tracking, optimize cash flow, increase staff utilization and manage projects more efficiently across your organization
Generate accurate forecasts, and track key performance indicators, so that you can make sound business decisions
Maximise resource utilisation, automate administrative tasks and increase billable hours
Support the way your services teams work today—on the road, between meetings, and on-the-fly—with online, offline and mobile access.

NetSuite SRP has also tailored the core NetSuite financial management and accounting modules to suit the needs of Professional Services organisations. And the NetSuite SRP OneWorld version gives global services businesses end-to-end real-time visibility from the corporate level down to subsidiaries and geographies, all the way through to the individual project level.

NetSuite SRP incorporates the following modules in its integrated package:

  • project-management
    Project Management

    NetSuite's Project Management solution enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential issues with each engagement.

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  • resource-management
    Resource Management

    NetSuite's Resource Management enables project managers to optimize staffing and utilization by minimizing bench and ensuring that qualified resources are working on the right projects.

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  • time-expense-management
    Time & Expense Management

    NetSuite Expense Management offers powerful features that improves productivity, enables better tracking and compliance, maximizes accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and enhances the overall user experience.

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  • project-accounting
    Project Accounting & Billing

    NetSuite Project Accounting connects project activities with company financials, helps ensure accurate accounting and billing throughout the project lifecycle, and streamlines time and expense management while providing extensive reporting capabilities.

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  • client-management
    Client Management

    NetSuite CRM software is the only cloud solution that delivers a real-time 360-degree view of your customer. It provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle from lead through to opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support.

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