When Liberate I.T. started in 2010, we couldn’t find anyone in New Zealand with the deep NetSuite knowledge we knew from experience was needed. So we looked off-shore, specifically at NetSuite’s Worldwide Support and Remote Implementation centre in the Philippines to see if there were any NetSuite consultants who would be interested in moving to New Zealand. To date Liberate I.T. has assisted 4 Filipinos and their families to settle in New Zealand, each consultant bringing with them over 4 years and 60 implementations worth of NetSuite experience and knowledge.

As NetSuite has grown in New Zealand, we’ve found locals who have worked on NetSuite sites as system administrators and financial controllers for between 2 and 4 years who have expressed interest in specialising in NetSuite.

This balance of deep NetSuite consulting knowledge mixed with local NetSuite user experience is a potent mix.

The solution consultants will have worked out with you the type of implementation methodology that fits your company. This boils down to the implementation consultants delivering either a fixed price ‘turn-key’ solution or an implementation where they train an in house NetSuite champion and share the work with that person.

Part of Liberate I.T.’s core philosophy is to give our customers ownership of their system. The shared methodology fits this objective by having your NetSuite champion not just trained, but performing much of the implementation, during the process gaining a deep understanding of NetSuite. And the more they do, the less we need to do, which means the less you need to pay.

Whichever methodology you choose, implementation begins with on-site workshops. Our implementation consultants arrive with a good understanding of your company and the solution that the solution consultants have devised. They leave after 2 days with a deep understanding of your company and an enhanced vision of the solution.

Within the week, they will deliver back documentation of the solution which they work through with you. Following that the timetable and task ownership is agreed and the implementation begins in earnest.

During the implementation and for a few months afterwards, you have direct contact with your primary implementation consultant who in effect manages the project, with fortnightly stakeholder project control group meetings ensuring the project is on track.