Automating repetitive tasks and introducing new functionality via customisations in NetSuite take four forms.

Custom Fields, Custom Forms, Custom Records
These are so simple to create that it is out hope that you’ll create and place these yourself. Need a new field to indicate that the credit check has been done? Easy. Within 20 seconds, create the new field and place it in the Customer Record. In two more minutes, link the field to the Reminder portlets on the Financial Controllers and Sales Reps dashboards so they get notified anytime this field isn’t ticked (perhaps because you’ve done a further 2 minutes of customisation and not allowed any orders to display in the order fulfilment list if the T&C checkbox hasn’t been ticked).
These new fields and processes are what we hope your NetSuite Champion will be able to create, constantly improving and adapting the system as your business environment changes.

Workflow Automations
Workflows automate simple procedures and many will usually be written by Liberate I.T.’s consultants during an implementation. Once NetSuite is bedded in, our hope is that users will review their processes and come up with ideas for further streamlining; we assist with this as a free service 3 months after go live. Workflows are often the tool of choice for simple automations and on about half our sites, the NetSuite Champion has been trained to write workflows, meaning our customers who want to go to this level can constantly streamline their processes without the need of incurring cost. Liberate I.T.’s consultants are always available though, to advise and if necessary come in at the end and optimise a new procedure.

Scripts are written when gaps are identified in the standard NetSuite system. All scripts are written and supported by our own in house ex-NetSuite scripter, who, as we understand, is the only NetSuite certified scripter in Australasia.
A Technical Requirements Document (TRD) will be written for each script. This is a specification which outlines in detail the deliverables ensuring we understand precisely what is required and that our customers get the functionality they require.
Whether it be EDI or API-based integrations, NetSuite has a large tool box to ensure the system can talk to other systems, whether they be a 3PL, other accounting systems, 3rd party websites, CRM systems, merchandising products or another type of product. Liberate I.T. has the skills and experience to either lead the development or to provide technical assistance to specialist integrators.