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November 2017


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Liberate I.T. NetSuite Customer Forum

Electronic Trading Made Easy With EDIStech

Wednesday 1st November, 10:00AM – 11:00AM


Electronic Trading Made Easy

EDIStech – EDI software allows your NetSuite system to interface directly with your customers and suppliers systems to build efficient supply chains.

Previously EDI has been an expensive bespoke-developed option, but EDIStech, who have connections with all the major players in NZ and Australia (eg Foodstuffs, Progressives, Mitre10, Briscoes, Assa Abloy etc), will discuss how they have worked with Liberate I.T. to build standardised, affordably deployed integrations. Many large retailers are requiring EDI connections with their trading partners and now you have that functionality available.

You can read more information on EDIStech  HERE

We’re sorry, you have missed this live webinar. You can watch the recording here instead.



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Free live NetSuite Tour

Wednesday 15th November 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Presenter: Paul Beattie, Solutions Consultant

Watch a demonstration on NetSuite from Liberate I.T., the largest and most experienced NetSuite team based in New Zealand.
Watch how NetSuite will manage your entire business processes end to end. One complete business management solution that provides up to date information in real time.
Real-time dashboards, KPI reporting, inventory and a comprehensive CRM system.




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Liberate I.T. NetSuite Customer Forum

Top NetSuite Apps to Optimise Business Growth

Tuesday 21st November, 10:00AM – 11:00AM


NexWare apps (formerly CloudNex) is a NetSuite Suite-Cloud Developer Network Partner offering a range of business applications to enterprises from all verticals. Ravi Ramanujam, NetSuite Solutions Lead from nexWare will be presenting on the top apps nexPlace, nexNZBN and nexETA that help to make your NetSuite experience easier, efficient and effective.

nexPlaceYou can now use Google search within NetSuite records.

nexPlace records address, website and phone number and allows you to designate a default billing or shipping address for each business. Use nexPlace on any type of customer, vendor contact record, or transactions for addresses all within NetSuite.

  • Accurate and complete customer records for all your marketing and communications needs.
  • Geomap accuracy, as sourced directly from Google, to map event locations or other integrations.
  • nexPlace subscription is based on your usage and is available to all active NetSuite users.


New Zealand Business Number Validation.

nexNZBN ensures the company registration status can be verified individually or in a listview within NetSuite, and therefore provides businesses with accurate active listing to issue GST compliant invoices or create vendor bills.


  • Accurate and active NZBN for customer and vendor​ records.
  • Search within one application, instead of switching between two browsers.
  • Eliminates human keying and other data integrity errors.


Display the expected date of arrival of items at inventory and sales order transactions.

nexETA connects purchase orders and sales orders for determining stock arrival dates and the ability to maintain variations in shipment arrival dates. It also carries the receive by and shipment date over to each item at the purchase order level, along with the purchase order number, quantity ordered, received and remaining quantity.


  • Simplicity: Easy to record, update and automate with no complex algorithm settings.
  • Item-Level ETA: Provides the user the ability to set one date for all Items in the purchase order, or to provide a different date for each item.
  • Customer Service Improvement: Clients and customer service staff get a reliable ETA date for fulfillment; easily include the ETA on sales order confirmation and invoices.

You can read more information and see it in action  HERE