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August 2017

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Free live NetSuite Tour

Wednesday 16th July 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Presenter: Paul Beattie, Solutions Consultant
Watch a demonstration on NetSuite from Liberate I.T., the largest and most experienced NetSuite team based in New Zealand.
Watch how NetSuite will manage your entire business processes end to end. One complete business management solution that provides up to date information in real time.
Real time dashboards, KPI reporting, inventory and a comprehensive CRM system.



NetSuite New Zealand User Group Series

Barcode Scanning with RFSmart

Wednesday 23rd August, 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Presenter: Stephen Lewis, RF-SMART

Liberate I.T., in conjunction with RF-SMART, is hosting a webinar on extending NetSuite’s standard warehouse functionality by introducing barcode scanning.

Did you know that RF-SMART can assist you with Generating Transfer orders, integrating 3rd party equipment and managing picking?

Purchase Order Preallocation
Pre-Allocation & Distribution allows you to determine the dispersal of items that will be received and then automatically create transfer orders to the retail store (or other locations).

Store Levelling
If you have multiple warehouses or stores, there isn’t a way currently in NetSuite to view multiple locations and their inventory. This becomes problematic if you are experiencing stock outs and low inventory levels, and you have other locations that may have excess inventory. With Store Leveling, you are able to view your inventory levels and automatically generate those transfers in a few easy steps

Warehouse Automation
Good news – You don’t need to build separate integration pieces for all of your 3rd party automation solutions. By leveraging RF-SMART’s proven integration into NetSuite, your conveyance systems, pick towers and other automation solutions are able to communicate in real-time and directly update NetSuite with material movement and inventory changes.

Pick Planner Preview
RF-SMART’s Pick Planner allows warehouse managers to plan picks using various criteria (such as grouping orders or order lines) and assign logical tasks that take workers on the most efficient picking routes. Once reviewed and grouped into picking tasks, orders are released to the warehouse to be picked.

You can read more information on RF-SMART HERE